If the worst case scenario happens and your drive fails due to overheating, shock damage or some other form of physical failure we partner with a local recovery specialist who have a very high recovery rate. If your data is hijacked and held for ransom by ransomware which you understandably don’t want to pay, then unless there is a way around the encryption – then attempting to retrieve the original deleted data may be the best option.
In any event if your data is at risk, due to either a physical failure, or a software problem such as a virus or accidental deletion then switch off your device and bring it in to a Danntec specialist, the more novice attempts at recovery the less chance of a successful recovery.
In all cases where important data is concerned, be it anything from client drawings or family photos and everything in between, we understand the importance. Backups are essential in this day in age, with such heavy reliance on digital data, talk to us about our proactive maintenance packages which can include backup options.


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