What is Danntec’s monitoring service?

Our monitoring service will keep a constant eye on your device’s hardware and software health, and protection. Realising the potential for problems before they happen. Checking a variety of things, most importantly:

Firewall & Anti Virus – Informed if either are turned off or not present. We recommend an anti-malware product to run alongside your anti-virus software, or a dual solution available below.
Crashed programs or Windows – Informed about a fault with your program we can seek a resolution and get in touch at an earlier time, rather than putting it off for the problem to continually bug you and slow down your productivity
Hard drive health, space & fragmentation – Keeping your system running smoother and your data safer. Being notified of a potential loss before it happens!
Hardware – not responding or signalling a device error code, with our monitoring we’d probably be on the case before you.

How do I get it?

You can take advantage of this service with the added protection of one, or both, of our core proactive care packages

Anti Virus Care (£5/month or £54/year)
Our dual anti-virus and anti-malware protection from Emsisoft combines an excellent real time antivirus file guard, surf & banking protection along with a suspicious behaviour blocker to catch zero-day threats with live cloud verification. This program will also deal with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), those incredibly frustrating, processor hungry, programs which tell you have hundreds of faults and need to purchase a ‘professional version’ to remove said faults.
Why do you need an anti virus AND an anti malware solution? Ransomware!

Patch Management (£4/month or £44/year)
What is patch management? Operating Systems and Programs regularly have updates available to be installed, patching the program. We have found that many of our customers delay these updates as it intrudes on their current session or they are unsure about the security of allowing the install to proceed. Mostly these updates fix bugs and protect from security vulnerabilities, so not updating leads to faults or viruses. Our patch management solution will take care of these for you, ensuring third party programs and Windows (coming soon) are up to date, silently installed in the background without intrusion.

Why do I need it?

Freephone: 0800-112-3367