One of the best ways to clean up a computer’s errors which are due to software, such as, slow speeds, crashes, freezing, viruses or malware infections, unused programs or just a general build up of junk is to perform a full system clean. At Danntec we call this solution a Restoration, also known as a Format & Reinstall. We format the drive and then reinstall the Operating System, be it Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or OS X 10.6 right up to the new macOS

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We think our Restoration process after a full wipe is the best in the North East. Included in our base rate cost of £66 we reinstall all the latest Operating System security patches and bug fixes and a selection of the programs you would like back on. Not just the latest versions of popular titles such as iTunes, Adobe Reader, Skype, but also all your associated apps, music, etc all back as it was. We can make sure your Office is reinstalled, your email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird is configured correctly, with all your contacts and calendar information. Any hardware you use with the computer such as printers or webcams, we will download the latest software and drivers to ensure they work as efficiently as possible. Essentially we want you to have as little disturbance from a full computer overhaul as possible, to be like new in terms of speed, but running all your settings, programs and data as before…we can even do it all within 24 hours using our express service!

We also offer a first class hardware computer repair service throughout Newcastle, some more information and examples are below:

lapotp repairs newcastle

Desktop PCs

Loss of power, beeping at start up with a blank screen or a new graphics card upgrade, we have all your desktop hardware requirements covered, and with fixed prices from only £10! Call or email to discuss further. Examples:

  • Device won’t switch on? Typical power supply and fitting £57. With 1 Year Warranty
  • Graphics card fitted with latest driver & software installed £22. Typically with a 2 Year Warranty
Laptop Repair Newcastle

Laptop Repair Newcastle

Broken laptop repair Newcastle? Noisy fan or faulty keyboard, Danntec have your repair covered, quickly and correctly

  • 15.6’’ slim LED glossy screen & fitting typically £104.
    Includes a 1 Year Warranty
  • Genuine keyboard & fitting £50 (part price dependant). Correct language layout, minimum 120 day warranty
  • Faulty motherboard diagnosed & replacement fitted for £75. Minimum 120 day warranty & replacement thermal paste
laptop repair in newcastle

Apple Mac

Macs require an extra skillset, their design is neat & tidy which means a more delicate dismantling process. Successfully repairing Apple Mac for over 8 years, be it desktop or laptop repair Newcastle, Danntec have acquired the tools and techniques whether it is for a common overheating issue in an iMac, or question mark folder or no access sign at start-up, we will repair your device with little fuss and maximum care, typical prices:

  • Faulty Macbook (inc Air & Pro) logic board repairs, usually £250. Including water spillage damage
  • iMac 2012 overheating, full internal clean out, £69. Free screen & glass inside and out clean
  • Adware & malware removal, usually £30. Although uncommon there is malware written for Macs

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